The issue of nasal congestion can start out as no problem, but if left untreated, it may easily progress into severe congestion.

Nobody enjoys the possibilities of nasal congestion caused by a cold, flu or allergy, however it occurs frequently. Even though many sufferers assume the issue is too much mucus production, frequently nasal congestion is caused by swelling from the nasal membranes themselves. The mucus draining in the sinus cavities has nowhere to visit, so it backs up before the swelling subsides enough for drainage. Just like any sufferer can attest, this method can take days and also the trapped mucus leads to a number of other problems meanwhile.

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Many individuals are in need of severe nasal congestion relief. The issue of nasal congestion can start out as no problem, but if left untreated, it may easily progress into severe congestion. With severe congestion, individuals may report problems using their breathing or sleeping, severe headaches or migraines, hearing problems, ear infections, and lots of other issues.

Even if these the weather is not present, those who experience congestion symptoms several times per week also qualify as having severe congestion problems. Fortunately, there’s hope for these people.

Nasal Congestion Home Remedies

Sinus Congestion (also called Nasal Congestion) occurs when the membranes lining the nose get swollen from inflammed arteries. Home remedy treatments for sinus congestion might help! Home remedies to alleviate congestion, plus countless others from our worldwide contributors as reported below, include food elimination, neti pot rinsing, and warm compresses evidently.

Black Pepper

This is a strategy that many people recommend but it’s not particularly pleasant therefore it is perhaps best left like a last port of call. Here you just inhale a little black pepper your nose which causes a lot of sneezing – sneezing which will help to clear any and all blockages.

Warm Water

If you do not find bathing inside it does the trick, make some warm water (not hot) after which stand in the bath after some cupped in your hand. Now cover one nostril and ‘snort’ the remainder back while bending over forward. Your bent over position is important because it will prevent the water entering your stomach and lungs and can ensure it instead expires your mouth clearing the passage because it does. The warmth will break up phlegm and you may blow your nose to get rid of any residual ‘hangers on’. Repeat once or twice for each nostril.

Make use of a Balm

Using a mint/menthol balm in your chest it is possible to give a constant supply of fumes that may break up and dissolve mucus also it can also help to freshen you up and supply a pleasant aroma. They are great for going to sleep and you may make them easily enough with a few mint or even a mint-scented wash (or you can purchase Chinese ‘Flower Water’ that is very strong and certain to do the trick).

Take a Hot Bath

Without having any handy steam, then using a hot bath can function a treat too. Allow it to be nice and warm and then submerge your face under for a few seconds at any given time. This will again assistance to clear the congestion.


Of course a handkerchief is wonderful for just blowing your nose – but presumably you’ve tried that already. How it is also handy for is tying around the face like a bank robber so your nose is under the handkerchief. This can warm and moisten the environment as your breath it in and thereby assistance to break up the congestion.

Steam Yourself

Hot steam is really a great way to break up and dissolve phlegm and breathing this in using your nose is perfect for nasal congestion. Lean on the bowl of boiling water and drape a towel too deep and then inhale deeply. Alternatively you are able to run a hot shower and draw the curtain after which stand inside using the steam. Or if you’re lucky enough to own one you are able to go in a sauna or steam room.

Sleep Upright

If you are having the problem during the night when you’re meant to be likely to sleep then this can cause sleep apnea, heavy snoring, drooling and a xerostomia. Sitting upright by propping yourself track of cushions can help to combat this effect allowing gravity do its work and empty your nasal cavities.