Herbal treatments have been around for centuries prior to the advent of other popular brands stocked pharmacy shelves.

Before the advent of commercial cough syrups and cold tablets, botanicals found the rescue of cold sufferers. Some herbs relieve congestion or allow you to “sweat out the cold.” Additional herbal remedies offer antibacterial properties or warm chilled muscles. Many herbs work well whether used in recipes, teas, baths or massage oils, but check with a physician before using any unfamiliar herbs, specifically if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Herbal treatments have been around for centuries prior to the advent of other popular brands stocked pharmacy shelves. From garlic to ginseng to onions, there are many alternative concoctions to help relieve the common cold.

Herbal Remedies for Common Cold

The common cold can zap your time, and if you’re not careful, a simple cold can lead to complications such as a sinus infection or pneumonia. It cannot be cured for the common cold, and most people treat cold symptoms with over-the-counter cold remedies. But together with medication, there are several simple methods for you to ease symptoms and gain relief.

Turmeric Powder

Another effective home cure for the common cold is combining turmeric powder with warm milk. Use a minimum of 30 grams of warm milk, and ingest it in a nutshell periods. The combination of turmeric powder and warm milk ought to provide immediate relief.

Red Clover

Another wonderful lymph “cleaner”; comes with an affinity for the glands regarding your neck, under your ears, toward the rear of the neck. Red Clover is remarkable for healing that tender node inside your neck that shoots pain to your ear when you swallow, helping clear up that drippy, irritating cough (clear and thin).


Echinacea, an immune system stimulant, reduces common cold symptoms and shorten time to recover. Consume at least 2 ml of Echinacea juice repeatedly during the day. Alternately, whole dried root could be taken several times daily.

Herbal Remedies for Common Cold

Herbal Remedies for Common Cold

Onion Juice

Protect against the common cold by combining onion juice with garlic oil. To be able to work, the remedy should be diluted with water, after which ingested several times during the day.

Lemon Barley Water

Lemon barley water could be effective in battling the common cold and supply some comfort. Slice the lemon into two parts and put in a large glass with a minimum of 2 tablespoons of barley. Let it rest overnight, and then strain each morning. It is important to drink the remedy soon after straining while it is still fresh.


Ginger might help sufferers in several ways. First, ginger coupled with tea and then boiled can offer instant relief. Second, ginger juice ingested with honey can soothe sore throats and aid in fighting a cold at the same time.


Regular utilization of ginseng will not only reduce symptoms from the common cold, but it was also assist in the prevention of a cold occurring. Ginseng could be taken as a raw herb or as extract.


Garlic has lots of antioxidant values, in addition to help with the common cold. Raw garlic could be chopped up and eaten, or perhaps a few drops of garlic juice could be combined with a few drops of onion juice, then diluted in water.