Head cold often begins with sore throat and runny nose, gradually progressing with other symptoms.

Head cold is nothing other than common cold that affects top of the respiratory system. This is a viral infection, wherein, the mucous membranes from the nasal passage and throat gets affected, leading to symptoms, like, nasal congestion, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, headache, etc.

Despite the fact that, it is a condition that heals by itself, it can cause utter discomfort towards the affected person, who could also feel fatigue and small amount of fever. It is among the common illnesses that can affect people anytime. As there is no remedy for common cold, it will be better to go for certain home remedies that may relieve the symptoms from the condition.

Head cold, often referred to as common cold, is an extremely frequently occurring illness that affects the old and young alike. Head cold is a viral infection that chiefly affects the mucous membrane from the nose.

The most common symptoms of the head cold are headache, sneezing and coughing, runny nose, sometimes associated with congestion in the respiratory system. The viral infection normally can last for more than a week, and gradually fades away even without medication.

Head cold often begins with sore throat and runny nose, gradually progressing with other symptoms. Though not complicated or life-threatening, these symptoms may modify the day-to-day activities of the individual.

Drink Warm Fluids

Warm liquids are extremely necessary during a head cold because they not only give you comfort, but additionally keep your system hydrated. Drink a lot more than eight glasses of liquids every day, but avoid coffee like coffee because they cause dehydration. Ginger and herbal tea, soup or normal tepid to warm water is suggested.

Hot Shower

Though a head cold will make you lazy and you may be afraid of water, don’t avoid a how water bath. You are able to choose between a warm sponge bath or perhaps a steam shower. Warm water brings you instant relief. It will help to ease the pain in muscles that are a frequent occurrence throughout a head cold and also clears the nose.

Keep Nose Clean

Inhaling steam could cause mucous to accumulate in the nose. Blow onto your nose and clear onto your nose off the mucous instead of sniffing it back. Keep the nose clear all the time of the day if you are to eliminate congestion in your respiratory system.

Stay Warm

Take rest and yourself warm when contracted having a head cold. Sometimes, a head cold might be accompanied by fever. As a result, it is advisable to stay covered with warm clothes at this time of time even if you feel hot doing this. Also, make it a point to stay stress-free and take rest so far as possible.

Head Cold Home Remedies

Head Cold Home Remedies

Steam Treatment

Inhaling steam will help you get rid of a running nose along with a congested respiratory tract. Take boiling water inside a vessel and then put your face above the vessel to take the hot vapor. Ensure that the steam isn’t very hot, for it might burn the mucous membrane from the nose. Repeat the process many times throughout the day to completely cure the blocked nose. A nasal spray or humidifier could also be used for the same purpose.

Use of Certain Spices

Ginger and turmeric are common spices which cure head cold. Extract the juice of ginger by boiling it in water. Then, add tea leaves into it to make ginger tea. Turmeric, however, can be helpful by adding it to some cup of warm milk. Both remedies cure throat irritation. Patients with head cold must have both ginger and turmeric at home constantly.

Hot Packs

A head cold often results in a sinus problem. The very best home remedy for sinus pain alleviation is to use hot packs. Nowadays, a reusable hot pack will come in the market, but you can perfectly use one available at home. Consider using a hot water bag or make use of a warm damp towel to press from the sinus area for relief.

Vitamin C Treatment

Drink two portions of warm lime juice combined with honey twice every single day. This will help increase your resistance power and reduce the duration of the viral attack. You may even try vitamin C enriched tablets given by doctors.