There are plenty of foods that can reduce the severity of your symptoms and even help you get over the cold more quickly.

After long months of scorching heat, finally monsoon is here and it is time to enjoy and splash some water. Although most of us are concerned about how to maintain our hair and skin during monsoon, rains work as the breeding ground for various kinds of viruses and bacteria that increases the occurrences of influenza, flu, colds and fever and taking over the counter pills and antibiotics is not always the best option as antibiotics often do more harm than good.

Many people frequently suffer from common cold, the reason is that their immunity is weak or they don’t maintain proper hygiene. If you suffer from common cold every now and then, you need to boost your immunity and maintain proper hygiene.

There are some foods that help you to prevent common cold and also fight with it. These foods boost your immunity and also help you to tackle with symptoms of cold.

Cold Fighting Foods

Cold Fighting Foods

Top 8 Cold Fighting Foods:


Papaya It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and anti-oxidants which help you to reduce the duration of cold. Papaya relieves the symptoms of common cold and it also strengthens immunity.

Tea with honey

Tea with honey in it packs an antibacterial and antiviral punch, thanks to the honey and antioxidant properties of the tea. Actually, this is two superfoods combined into one. All of that hot water leaks nutrients and phytonutrients out of tea and honey, so you’ll be able to drink up while hydrating yourself. Best to get raw honey instead of processed honey for the best effect.


Prevent and fight colds by including grapefruit in your diet. Like other citrus fruits, grapefruit is loaded with vitamin C. However, unlike oranges and many other citrus fruit, grapefruit is relatively low in sugar. Sugar is known to deteriorate the functioning of the immune system: when white blood cells, the defenders of the immune system, are exposed to high levels of sugar, their ability to fight bacteria decrease significantly, making the body more prone to all infections. In addition, sugar depletes the body of some very important cold-fighting vitamins, including vitamins C, E and B.


If you can handle the smell of garlic and have some high-powered breath fresheners, add garlic to the top of your cold-fighting food list. Garlic is well known for having anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and has been used by cultures all over the world to fight disease and illness for hundreds of years.


One of the best foods for common cold is beetroot. It is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, magnesium, iron and folate which help you to tackle well with common cold. Beet root also prevents you from common cold and it strengthens your immunity.

Natural Yoghurt

Yoghurt containing live cultures of probiotic bacteria has long been used as a folk remedy to treat a wide range of ailments. Now some new research suggests that the probiotic bacteria in yoghurt may also be effective at preventing respiratory infections such as the common cold. Regular intake of certain probiotic bacteria has also been shown to reduce the duration and the severity of common cold symptoms. Futhermore, foods that provide probiotic bacteria are among the best foods you can eat after taking antibiotics as antibiotic medications can destroy the healthy flora in the intestines.

Red Bell Pepper

Red Bell Pepper

Red Bell Pepper

One pepper delivers all of the recommended vitamin C for men and women, and then some. Vitamin C has been shown to help boost the immune system and prevent colds. Peppers are also full of other nutrients and minerals useful for maintaining a healthy body and immune system.


Not all bacteria are bad. In fact, all of that bacteria living in your gut plays a pretty important role in your health. Keep them happy by eating yogurt and similar products like kefir. Keeping bacteria happy and healthy in you strengthens the immune system.